Unbelievable amount of things has been accomplished for the Deaf Expo 2019! The volunteer team started working on the Deaf Expo 2019 before the Deaf Expo for 2018. Since It’s a Deaf Thing was established by David and Bobbi Lind, we grew from four volunteers to twenty volunteers for 2019. Our social media went from 200 followers to 1,200+ followers. We have raised our social media followers and awareness by 700% less than 8 months.

List of accomplishments:

  • Monthly Advertising Grants – $10,000 in-kind 
  • Monthly SEO – $3,000 in-kind
  • Monthly Social Media Marketing – $1,000 in-kind
  • Web Design for It’s a Deaf Thing & ProjectDEAF
  • 20 different advertising videos release for the Deaf Expo 2019 (upcoming)
  • Grew from 4 to 20 volunteers 
  • New email/newsletter system to focus on advertising for
    • Deaf Business Owners
    • Deaf-Friendly Businesses
    • Deaf-Related Businesses
    • Fundraising for the Deaf *
    • Deaf Community Related 
    • Deaf Events in Florida
    • Sponsors
  • Our newsletter system grew from 200 to 1,800 emails
  • Shirt print machines
  • Custom t-shirts made for the volunteer team
  • Video Production Rooms, and video editing
  • Emailed 400+ Businesses for vendor application
  • Already gave out 500 tickets out of 4,000 as of December 10, 2018
  • Emailed 120+ Businesses for sponsorship application
  • Venue reserved for October 5, 2019

It’s a Deaf thing has more than 5 possibility for sponsorship. For 2019, we will be offering more booths and craft booths. Fred Beam will be our main entertainer, and Emery Stalzer will be Fred Beam’s backup entertainer. 

Every money we have receive for the Deaf Expo 2019 goes back to the Deaf community. None of the money go toward any of the volunteers or owners. It’s a Deaf Thing has the heart for the Deaf community and wants to help the Deaf business owners, Deaf-related businesses, and Deaf-friendly businesses to grow. 

* Fundraising purposes must be clearly defined. Funds must directly impact individuals or specific projects.